The Benjamin Chronicles: Relativity by Matthew DiConti (Excerpt)

15 Aug

Abby didn’t move. She stood still in the pouring rain, white as a ghost, her gray and red floral dress clinging to her soaking body. Her hair was matted down to her shoulders. Conal pulled his eyes from Abby for just a moment and felt sick. The screams, the cannon fire, the explosions in the distance. Abby was standing in a warzone.

“What in the hell is happening?”

He tried to reach Abby, but the faster he ran, the slower he seemed to move. Time seemed to drag Abby backward, the entire scene was being sucked away from him as though by a vacuum. The realist inside him told him it was another ‘damned hallucination’ but all his remorse, anger, and more importantly, love, for Abby wouldn’t let the realist get a word in.

Conal tried to yell but the words were stuck in his throat. A man grabbed Abby by the arm and dragged her away; she screamed and thrashed in his arms.

“Conal!” Her voice caught in the explosions and just like that, she was gone.

No war, no people, no screams. No Abby.

Conal sank to his knees in the rain, sobbing. He wished he was dead.


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Genre – Paranormal Fiction

Rating – NC17

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