How the English Establishment Framed Stephen Ward by Caroline Kennedy @StephenWardBook

1 Jan

The crowd outside the Mehta Clinic in Poona, India, was reluctant to make way for a distinguished Indian and his companion, a rather casually-dressed British army captain. It was a hot December day, 1944, and everyone was hoping to catch a glimpse of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the leaders of the Congress Party, recently released from jail where the British had confined him over his role in the Quit India movement. Eventually the distinguished Indian, who happened to be the son of the Maharaja of Baroda, located one of Gandhi’s assistants and told him that the British officer sought an audience with the Mahatma. The Indian led the way into a courtyard garden where hundreds of spectators lined the surrounding roofs. Gandhi was walking slowly up and down, accompanied by Sardar Patel, another Congress leader. The Indian bent to kiss Gandhi’s feet, but Gandhi pulled him upright. Then as the Indian said, “This is Captain Stephen Ward”, Gandhi turned to the Englishman, greeted him Indian style with a namaste and, although it was his day of silence, broke it by saying, “Well, it’s a change to have a visit from an English officer who has not come to arrest me!”

How The English Establishment Framed

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Genre – Politics, Espionage, Scandal

Rating – PG-16

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